Credit and Your Life

Like it our not-our entire nation runs on the idea of credit-from the U.S Government to a local bank. Each person who works and tries to make it so to speak in this economy is also subject to the pitfalls of living a life entirely based on credit!

For some of us, it was taking out a credit card during college and then being unable to pay it all back. Three years after, scrambling for a job with a degree and you still cannot pay it back.

For others the birth of a new baby, medical bills and more can cause your credit score to weaken.

Don’t let poor credit scores ruin your life. They can, don’t think that they cannot. For instance, when you want to take out that loan for a new house and you are denied-that affects your life. Or perhaps you have not found the right job for you-and are still looking-and taking whatever you can. What happens when you cannot get a job because your credit is so bad? Well, we can tell you-you do not get the job!


A poor or low credit score can make your life hard.

Plus, on top of already owing that money you have to make sure that you have a job to pay it. It’s a Catch 22-and we at The Credit Experts of North Carolina are here to help you survive the pitfalls.


Working with us, you will have access to your FICO score, and access to apersonalized account that we offer you-showing your updated credit information.


We know that it’s hard and we are here to help. We advise you to contact us today.



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