Less Than Perfect Credit Solved

Located in beautiful North Carolina, The Credit fixers offer clients the ability to work with us directly in our home office.

We offer:

  • Action Plans to Suit Every Need
  • Trained Professionals 
  • Licensed and bonded staff
  • Free Consultations
  • Real Solutions


There are more people than you are aware of that come to us with their credit repair needs. We fix it all. Credit issues can happen to anyone.


Life happens, that’s why. We have helped newly married couples get the house of their dreams by repairing their credit needs when they needed  to.

Thinking along the same terms-do you have any credit issues that might be affecting your performance?

We know that bill collectors, low credit scores and more can call your home daily and even your workplace. Let’s not even forget about your cellphone. The stress you are suffering from can be alleviated!

We  OFFER you a FREE consultation. Call Us today and learn how we can help you be FREE from hassling calls, low credit scores, denials for credit cards, jobs, and even getting a home. 

In this day and age you cannot afford to ignore it-and we know that most of us have every intention of paying it all back. But, the longer you wait the worse it gets.

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